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Content Layouts

Joomla! provides plenty of flexibility when displaying your Web content. Whether you are using Joomla! for a blog site, news or a Web site for a company, you’ll find one or more content styles to showcase your information. You can also change the style of content dynamically depending on your preferences. Joomla! calls how a […]

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The Joomla! Community

Got a question? With more than 140,000 members, the online forums at are a great resource for both new and experienced users. Go ahead, ask your toughest questions, the community is waiting to see what you’re going to do with your Joomla! site. Do you want to show off your new Joomla! Web site? […]

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What’s New In 1.5?

As with previous releases, Joomla! provides a unified and easy-to-use framework for delivering content for Web sites of all kinds. To support the changing nature of the Internet and emerging Web technologies, Joomla! required substantial restructuring of its core functionality and we also used this effort to simplify many challenges within the current user interface. […]

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